The classic 1982 text-mode game Snipes, ported from the original DOS executable with 100% identical game logic, with replay recording added
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CyberShadow GNUmakefile: Remove -Werror
Compiler errors change all the time (across compiler implementations,
versions, and platforms). Thus, using it as part of the standard build
process almost guarantees that the project will become unbuildable in
certain conditions. While -Werror makes sense to use on developer
machines and CI, it should not be part of the build process as used to
compile the distributed source code.

Fixes #9.
Latest commit 343e141 Sep 30, 2018


This is a modern port of the classic 1982 text-mode game Snipes. The code has been reverse-engineered from the original DOS executable, and has 100% identical game logic.

For more information, see the forum thread.



SDL builds require the SDL2 and SDL2_ttf libraries.

On startup, the SDL build will attempt to load a custom font, which can be obtained separately from here.

With Visual Studio

  1. Copy config-sample.h to config.h (and edit as/if desired)
  2. Open and build the Visual Studio solution file (Sniper.sln). The Visual Studio project file has configurations targeting SDL and Windows console graphics.

With GNU Make

  1. (Optional) Copy config-sample.h to config.h, and edit as desired
  2. Run make to compile an SDL build.

For Arch Linux, you can use the snipes-git AUR package.

Replay recording

This version automatically records replay files of played games. By default, replay files are saved to the current directory, and have a .SnipesGame file extension.

To play back a replay file, pass it as the first argument to the game program, e.g.:

$ ./snipes "2016-07-08 09.10.11.SnipesGame"


As this is a reverse-engineered port, copyright is retained by the original authors of Snipes.

This reverse-engineered source code is released with the original authors' permission.