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A minimal microservice demo application with Quarkus, Kotlin and GraalVM, using JPA and a PostgreSQL database.
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Quarkus Kotlin

This application is a minimal demo for a microservice based on Kotlin, Quarkus and GraalVM. It was used in a Dutch presentation about supercharged microservices which can be seen on YouTube.

To build the application, run mvn clean compile quarkus:build

To compile the application to a native image run either mvn -Pnative package on Linux if you have GraalVM preinstalled or mvn -Pnative -Dnative-image.docker-build=true to use a Docker image.

Because of what GraalVM needs to do and depending on the resources Docker has available, this can take a while.

After building the native image, you can build a Docker image with docker-compose build app and launch an environment with the application and a PostgreSQL database with docker-compose up -d. Note that ports 8080 and 5432 need to be available

After launching it, you can view the output of the native image container to see how fast the application started with docker-compose logs -f app.

With a running application, you can query it with REST at endpoint [http://localhost:8080/api/movies]. You can add a new movie with POST and remove it with DELETE at path /{id}.

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