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A bouncer/proxy for classic
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A bouncer/proxy for classic written in Python 3.5.

Accepts connections from clients and proxies their connection to a classic server. Connections to the servers are maintained even when the client itself is not connected to the proxy. The client's channel state is updated when the connection is resumed.

The proxy is not 100% transparent, and is not compatible with a SOCKS proxy.

Running the server

The proxy requires an installation of Python 3.5. On Windows, just run the bnBNC.bat file.

On any operating system (Windows included) run the following command from the bnBNC directory.


The proxy runs on port 6112, which is the standard BNCS port.


This software lets a user send data to an any host reachable from your computer. It's highly recommended to not have this software running on the open internet.

IP Whitelist

Restricts connections to a pre-defined set of IP addresses.

To use, create a file called "whitelist.txt" in the base directory and place one IP per line.

Account authentication

Requires connecting clients to specify a username and password (independent from their credentials).

To use, create a file called "users.txt" in the base directory. Each line in this file should have the following format:

<username> <MD5 hash of password>


TestUser e99a18c428cb38d5f260853678922e03

Connection negotiation

When a client connects, the following exchange must take place before any data will be proxied.

If authentication is enabled, the following must be done FIRST.

C->S "LOGIN <username> <password encoded in base64>"


To request a new connection

C->S "CONNECT <remote server> <remote port>"


S->C "CLIENTID <#>" (used for resuming)

To resume an existing connection (only available when authentication is enabled)

C->S "RESUME <client ID>"


To terminate a connection

While connected, send:


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