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ImmersiveCraft is perfect for people who want to play minecraft in a more realistic way, and who don't want to have a overly tedious gameplay.

150 new or updated mods for 1.12.2

Rework of the modpack played by MarcusKron in his youtube series

This modpack is based on immersive engineering and its addons, like immersive petroleum or immersive tech, immersive hempcraft.

ImmersiveCraft also provides a realistic experience, thanks to dynamic lights, immersivecraft mod, rustic, better with mods and so on...

It offers a great experience using shader mods

optifine and shader mods aren't included in the basic curse version

Beware that Optifine may have some incompatibilty issues with Forge

You can download optifine here:

There are some utility mods too which make the whole gameplay a bit easier

If you plan on joining our discord server and you're Italian please tell me, so I can give you access to the italian chats where you can speak italian freely, otherwise, as stated in the server rules, please speak english

If you want to support the development:

here are my Patreon and Paypal donation pages Patreon: Paypal:

If you need support just jump on my discord server and ask there:

Would you like to test the newest alpha versions? Join my discord server and ask for a @Notified role to be notified when a new early access version is published

ModPack Logo and Panorama created by Mannarof


Forum Thread: