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MongoMapper plugin for ClientSideValidations

This library is no longer being maintained. Use at your own risk


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MongoMapper plugin for ClientSideValidations


In your Gemfile add the following:

gem 'mongo_mapper'
gem 'client_side_validations'
gem 'client_side_validations-mongo_mapper'

Order matters here. MongoMapper and ClientSideValidations need to be required before ClientSideValidations-MongoMapper.

Follow the remaining installation instructions for ClientSideValidations

Nested forms

Validation will work on nested forms (using fields_for) only if you add the mongo_mapper-accepts_nested_attributes gem and set it up appropriately in your model.


Brian Cardarella

We are very thankful for the many contributors


This gem follows Semantic Versioning

Major and minor version numbers will follow Rails's major and minor version numbers. For example, client_side_validations-mongo_mapper-0.11.0 will be compatible up to ~> mongo_mapper-0.11.0

Want to help?

Please do! We are always looking to improve this gem. Please see our Contribution Guidelines on how to properly submit issues and pull requests.


DockYard, LLC © 2012


Licensed under the MIT license

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