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inputs with :as => :radio_buttons are being skipped in validation #20

vitalim opened this Issue · 14 comments

In a form I'm building using ClientSideValidations + SimpleForm (with the gem plugin) the client side validation works for all fields except the :radio_buttons. The HTML that is produced for this group is similar to the other working ones:

<div class="control-group radio_buttons required">

Yet when the submit button is clicked, all the other inputs get the 'error' class but the radio_buttons input does not. If I remove the :as => :radio_buttons, the client side validations works just fine.

Any idea what is causing this? Thanks!


Radio buttons were filtered out of the parent ClientSideValidations gem but were always intended to be put back in with ClientSideValidations-SimpleForm and ClientSideValidations-Formtastic.

They are being filtered because in the regular Rails form builder there is no concept of wrapping the radio buttons in a single group so it is not possible to render the errors in a similar manner as the server will render.

However, with Formtastic and SimpleForm it does render as a group so the render function can attach to this wrapper element. For some reason I never got around to putting this functionality back in. I should prioritize it.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Is there a hotfix for this?


I'm having this same problem. is there any hot fix for that?


+1 for hotfix .. having a hard time implementing a reliable solution in client_side_validations-simple_form


Bug in local presense validator. $().val() from check-box return value, without considering that it must be checked.




@bcardarella - Any chance on providing some guidance on what needs to be do to implement this fix?


Here's a quick hack around the problem. It seems as though even though radio buttons are not processed, the gem is still sending data about the radio button validations to the browser. Type 'window.ClientSideValidations.forms' into the JS console and you'll see what gets sent down. So I wrote a bit of jQuery that checks all of my forms for radio buttons, then sees if there are any presence validations for those buttons. If so, it displays an error message. Note that in Rails, you'll need to wrap your related radio buttons into a div. Hope it helps someone.


@manishie thanks. I'm not confident to add this at the moment but this will definitely help.


oh, I didn't mean for you to add it! It's just a quick hack I threw together to get around the problem. Thanks!


@manishie sure I got you didn't mean that. I just was informing everyone that I will not do this soon. PR with proper tests are welcomed

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