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Simple Form 3.0.0.rc is here #28

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Update the gemspec to support simpleform 3.0.0.rc


I will attempt to tackle this later this week. Its not as simple as updating the gemspec. A major version bump implies there are significant public API changes and that would mean solving those problems in the gem first before bumping.


Any updates, @bcardarella? I assume you guys are swamped trying to stabilize client_side_validations for Rails 4, and that's clearly more important, so I don't mean to pester.

Edit: Forget it. Now that I look properly into the matter updating this gem may be trivial, but client_side_validations for Rails 4 may still need significant attention. I'll try to find a way to help out over there.


I'm open to pull requests if anybody has one. The CSV refactor is taking forever :(


If I run into any problems with #29 that aren't actually the 4-0-beta branch of CSV I'll attempt a mergeable pull request here.

Once you can get the CSV refactor onto a public repo you'll have more hands (trying) to help. CSV's become increasingly unavoidable, and a lot of people are eager to use Rails 4.


@taavo the refactor is almost entirely on the JavaScript side. After spending the last few months in Ember land I'm convinced the right direction is model-based validations instead of the ad-hoc approach CSV is currently doing.


I hear you. It's still the first release officially supporting Rails 4, and if you can get the fundamentals in place I imagine the community would be interested in working out the kinks.




Any news on this one? I've tried stephenbaldwins Gemfile setup from #49 with no luck :)


No news here, @simonwh. If there are issues, in the short term I think it's going to be up to folks like you and me to sort them out.

Update: Added my first form to my new project, and so far #29 is working fine. I'll report back if I find any problems, but so far so good.



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