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+# Contribution Guidelines #
+## Submitting a new issue ##
+If you need to open a new issue you *must* provide the following:
+1. Version of ClientSideValidations
+2. Version of Rails
+3. Code snippet from your model of the validations
+4. The form code from your template
+5. The resulting HTML along with the script tag
+Failure to include the above mentioned requirements will result in the
+issue being closed.
+If you want to ensure that your issue gets fixed *fast* you should
+attempt to reproduce the issue in an isolated example application that
+you can share.
+## Making a pull request ##
+If you'd like to submit a pull request please adhere to the following:
+1. Your code *must* be tested. Please TDD your code!
+2. No single-character variables
+3. Two-spaces instead of tabs
+4. Single-quotes instead of double-quotes unless you are using string
+ interpolation or escapes.
+5. General Rails/Ruby naming conventions for files and classes
+6. *Do not* use Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
+7. *Do not* use Ruby 1.9 stubby proc syntax
+Plase note that you must adhere to each of the above mentioned rules.
+Failure to do so will result in an immediate closing of the pull
+request. If you update and rebase the pull request to follow the
+guidelines your pull request will be re-opened and considered for

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