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Currently ClientSideValidations assumes the :error message to be the last in the stack. However, SimpleForm allows this order to be overridden. The order should be respected.


Well, I guess is something to be done, maybe it is a bit complicated (match the ruby symbols to rendered elements, keeping in mind that you can modify the output with non-standard configurations, etc). In the meantime I got it working with the approach I just added to the wiki. Hope it help others.


Yeah, I'm thinking it can be something as simple as returning the index number for the :error in the array then using that to help decide the order for rending the error. Thanks for the update in the wiki! :)


Also, in response to the note in the wiki: the settings aren't available in the clientSideValiations object because they are per-form settings. the clientSideValidations object is global, but the settings variables are not. However, you can still access the settings from that callback like this:

var settings = window[element.form().attr('id')];
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I'm closing this. If someone changes the component order they should just overload the SimpleForm add and remove rails.validations.js functions. Coding something up that is smart enough to properly insert in a particular order and be aware of custom components is just too hairy.

@bcardarella bcardarella closed this May 9, 2011
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