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validation on mongoid always return false #275

kubido opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I use 'client_side_validations' gem and mongoid plugin "client_side_validations-mongoid".

I've this scenario:
1. validates_presence_of :recipient
2. if the recipient field not filled.. the field_with_errors element appear showing the message error "Can't be blank".
3. if I fill the recipient attribute and click submit button.. the form won't work.. I try to debug in the browser console. and go to this code (rails.validations.js line 77) :

$.fn.isValid = function(validators) { 
  if ($(this[0]).is('form')) {
      return validateForm($(this[0]), validators);
    } else {
      return validateElement($(this[0]), validators[this[0].name]);

the validators is always contain an error messages

message[recipient]: Object
  presence: Object
    message: "can't be blank"

note: the form_for is build with

  include ActiveModel::Validations
  include ActiveModel::Conversion
  include ActiveModel::Naming

Is there anything left in my code?


Can you try using master instead and see if that solves the issue?


ahh.. it's working now.. thanks!


Glad to hear.

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