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@@ -40,6 +40,18 @@ Where are the datatypes from PostgresExt 1.x? ActiveRecord 4.x includes
all the data types that PostgresExt added to ActiveRecord 3.2.x. We'll
be adding more datatypes as we come across them.
+## Developing
+To work on postgres\_ext locally, follow these steps:
+ 1. Run `bundle install`, this will install all the development
+ dependencies
+ 2. Run `rake setup`, this will set up the `.env` file necessary to run
+ the tests and set up the database
+ 3. Run `rake db:create`, this will create the test database
+ 4. Run `rake db:migrate`, this will set up the database tables required
+ by the test
## Authors
Dan McClain [twitter]( [github](

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