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@dgosbell dgosbell released this Oct 20, 2020

New / Enhanced

  • Added native Excel output so that the Dynamic and Static Excel outputs are always available (event when running outside of Excel)
  • #340 Added "Clipboard" as an output target
  • Re-write of the connection handling to incorporate a retry mechanism if the connection gets dropped
  • View Metrics
    • Fixed Sorting in View Metrics table view to do a nested sort
    • Changed Sorting in View Metrics to sort Descending on first click
    • Added "loading" status to View Metrics
    • View Metrics - Fixed KB/MB/GB (it was lowercase, which is for bits not bytes)
    • Enhancement #403 View Metrics - added tooltips, loading indicator, fixed default sort
  • Query Builder
    • Improved the query patterns generated by the Query Builder
    • Added Between/In/Not In filter types to Query Builder
  • New Options view with search and categories to make finding options easier
  • Export Data now uses TOPNSKIP in million row batches allowing for the export of massive data sets
  • Enhancement #385 added an option to prompt before refreshing metadata
  • Changed default Text file output to UTF-8 csv
  • Renamed "Excel" button to "Analyze in Excel" in External Tools
  • Added a check that the portable version is not in a restricted folder


  • Fixed #400 duplicate New option in customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Fixed #401 unable to re-show Power BI Performance window after hiding it
  • Fixed #405 & #415 incorrectly trying to write external tools file when doing a non-admin install
  • Fixed crashes when right-clicking on certain tool windows
  • Fixed #411 Export to csv not quoting strings
  • Fixed #404 improved code completion interactions
  • Fixed #424 Parameter parsing in table constructors
  • Fixed #419 View Metrics error against PowerPivot models
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