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@danielcompton danielcompton released this Mar 30, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • Support for React 15/Reagent 0.7.0 and below. The last version of re-frame-10x that supports these versions is 0.3.7. - #229


  • Added an explicit dependency on create-react-class in preparation for it being removed as a dependency in the upcoming Reagent 0.9.0. #224
  • Enabled subscription pinning and searching by default.
  • There is now a sample project at example/todomvc which you can use to develop against re-frame-10x, or use for comparison when setting up re-frame-10x on your own project.


  • Use npm-style names for JS libs. This should improve compatibility with Shadow CLJS users, and people using ClojureScript's :npm-deps. @Deraen - #201


  • Make Ctrl-H show/hide shortcut work correctly when using different keyboard layouts. #231

Internal Changes

  • Upgraded to mranderson 0.5.0. This is an internal change and shouldn't be visible to end-users of 10x, but it's listed here in case you run into any trouble.
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