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DayZ Logo

Current Version

Current License

Files updated

  • dayz
  • dayz_anim
  • dayz_buildings
  • dayz_code
  • dayz_communityassets
  • dayz_equip
  • dayz_weapons
  • community_crossbow
  • communityweapons
  • Dayz_server (server admins only)
  • Mission (server admins only) (Prerequisites)
  • SQL Files (server admins only)

Requirements (server admins only)


  • Assets - New Assets Stuff / temp directories
  • Binaries - Hive dlls
  • Documentation - Changelog & Credits and Suggestions
  • Legacy - Legacy Code of DayZMod
  • SQF - Source Code for DayZMod
  • SQL - Database Layout & Vehicle SQL

Included Custom Addons

GitHub Contributors

These contributors have made specific changes for a particular bug fix or feature.


* Please report any bugs/issues by submitting a Issue [here] (

Special thanks

* Special thanks to Tansien and Zac - for providing and creating DayZero Enterable Buildings
* Special thanks to TOPMO3 and GenesisCrys for the outstanding work with retexturing the Viral infected.
* Special thanks to David Foltyn for the support during the community build with his constent moaning and presure to do everything different :-).
* Special thanks to Matt Lightfoot for his incredible logic we all love to hate :-).
* Special thanks to shinkicker who has listened to all of the ideas and who has always been there to bounce ideas back and forth Thanks.
* Special thanks to Shacktac for his incredable work within the Arma 2 community.
* Special thanks to AWOL and Paul Tomany for sharing awesome features from DayZ Epoch.
* Special thanks to JoeysLucky22 for the awesome art work.
* Special thanks to the Aftermath team for sharing features/models from Atfermath.
* Special thanks to BMRF, TMW, MUSTY for providing test machines before release.
* Special thanks to Lester for providing access to use his addon. MAP Editorupgrade (EU)
* Thanks to all the beta testers, you know who you are!