Host files over Tor with ease
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TorHost aims to make hosting files on Tor trivial. It's as easy as:

torhost foo

Then sit back and relax while TorHost does the rest of the work. It will start Tor, connect to the Tor network, generate an onion service, host 'foo' on the hidden service, and finally will print out the onion address for users to download from. That's it.


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PORT, --port=PORT  Specify port to host onion service on (default: 80)
  -c CONTROLPORT, --controlport=CONTROLPORT  
                        Specify control port of already running Tor instance
                        (default: start new Tor instance)
  -P PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        Specify control password of already running Tor
  -k, --keepalive       Upload file to multiple users instead of one
  -r, --raw             Transfer raw bytes (no http headers)
  -d, --debug           Enable debugging information


TorHost requires Stem 1.4 or later, and Tor or later. All other dependencies should have come with Python.