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This is not a device anymore

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CyanogenMod device configuration for the ZTE Blade S / ZTE Crescent aka Orange San Francisco II, Telenor Touch Plus and T-Mobile Vivacity.
CyanogenMod common device configuration for the ZTE Crescent variants.

How to Build

Initialise from androidarmv6:

repo init -u git:// -b cm-10.1

Get blade2 device configuration and kernel:

git clone git:// device/zte/blade2 -b cm-10.1
git clone git:// kernel/zte/msm7x27 -b cm-10.1

Sync and build:

repo sync -j4
. build/
brunch blade2
This is not intended to be built for as a target alone, and is simply a common configuration for the P736E and P736V variants.

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