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I18n.en =
schema: "Schema"
new: "New ..."
load: "Load ..."
save: "Save"
save_as: "Save As ..."
templates: "Templates ..."
properties: "Properties ..."
share: "Share ..."
import: "Import ..."
edit: "Edit"
undo: "Undo"
redo: "Redo"
select_all: "Select All"
select_none: "Select None"
delete_selected: "Delete Selected"
insert: "Insert"
table: "Table"
note: "Note"
view: "View"
show_minimap: "Show Minimap"
hide_minimap: "Hide Minimap"
show_sidebar: "Show Sidebar"
hide_sidebar: "Hide Sidebar"
show_grid: "Show Grid"
hide_grid: "Hide Grid"
sort_items: "Sort Items"
linetype: "Line Type"
bezier: "Bezier"
cornered: "Cornered"
options: "Options ..."
export: "Export"
sql: "Sql ..."
image: "Image ..."
help: "Help"
index: "Index"
changes: "Changes"
shortcuts: "Keyboard Shortcuts"
feedback: "Feedback"
about: "About"
guest: "Guest"
login: "Login"
logout: "Logout"
settings: "Settings"
history: "History"
last_versions_label: "Last 10 versions of this schema:"
properties: "Properties"
properties_schema_name: "Schema Name:"
properties_database: "Database:"
comments: "Comments"
comment_placeholder: "Enter your comment here"
send: "Send"
new_schema: "New Schema"
new_schema_title: "Title"
new_schema_database: "Database"
new_schema_type_info: """Selecting the "generic" database type will allow you to generate SQL for all the databases; but you will only have access to the generic datatypes."""
new_schema_create_new: "Create New Schema"
load_schema: "Load Schema"
load_schema_your_schemas: "Your Schemas:"
load_schema_schema_name: "Schema Name"
load_schema_database: "Database"
load_schema_last_save: "Last Save"
load_schema_shared_with_you: "Schemas shared with you:"
load_schema_owner: "Owner"
load_schema_no_schemas: "You haven't saved any schemas"
load_schema_no_shared_schemas: "There are no schemas shared with you"
saveas: "Save As"
saveas_title: "Title"
saveas_button: "Save As"
templates: "Templates"
templates_schema_name: "Schema Name"
templates_database: "Database"
templates_description: "Description"
properties: "Schema Properties"
properties_title: "Title"
properties_publish: "Publish as template"
properties_template_info: "(Templates are visible to every user)"
properties_delete_schema: "Delete Schema"
properties_delete_alert: "(You will permanently delete this schema and all associated comments)"
properties_save: "Save Changes"
share: "Share"
share_info: "You can share your schema with up to 5 users"
share_email: "E-mail"
share_access: "Access"
share_read_only: "Read only"
share_read_write: "Read and write"
share_send_email: "Send invitation e-mail"
share_invite_button: "Invite"
share_collaborators: "Collaborators:"
import: "Import Sql"
login_email: "E-mail"
login_password: "Password"
login_button: "Login"
login_forgot_password: "I forgot my password"
options: "Options"
options_line_colors: "Line Colors"
options_invert_line_direction: "Invert line direction"
options_show_fk_icon: "Show Foreign Key Icon"
options_show_ai_icon: "Show Auto Increment Icon"
options_show_not_null_icon: "Show Not Null icon"
options_show_default_values: "Show Default Values"
options_language: "Language"
options_save_changes: "Save Changes"
export_sql: "Export SQL"
export_sql_generate: "Generate SQL"
export_sql_download: "Download SQL file"
export_image: "Export Image"
export_image_zoomin: "Zoom in"
export_image_zoomout: "Zoom out"
export_image_reset: "Reset"
export_image_open_in_new_tab: "Open image in new tab"
help: "Help"
shortcuts: "Keyboard Shortcuts"
help_changelog: "Changes"
feedback: "Feedback"
feedback_type: "Feedback Type"
feedback_bug: "Bug report"
feedback_feature: "Feature Request"
feedback_help: "Help"
feedback_other: "Other"
feedback_message: "Message"
feedback_button: "Send Feedback"
about: "About"
user_settings: "User Settings"
user_settings_username: "Username"
user_settings_email: "E-mail"
user_settings_save: "Save Changes"
login: "Login"
close: "Close"
back: "Back"
dirty_schema_confirmation: "Unsaved changes!"
dirty_schema_confirmation_message: "You have unsaved changes in your schema, would you like to save it?"
dirty_schema_confirmation_save_changes_button: "Save changes"
dirty_schema_confirmation_discard_changes_and_continue_button: "Discard changes"
dirty_schema_confirmation_cancel_button: "Cancel"
save_note_edit: "Save"
cancel_note_edit: "Cancel"
delete_note: "Delete"
table_name: "Table Name"
table_comment: "Table Comment"
table_save: "Save"
table_cancel: "Cancel"
table_delete: "Delete Table"
table_clone: "Clone Table"
table_add_field: "Add field"
field_name: "Name"
field_type: "Type"
field_size: "Size"
field_default: "Default"
field_unique: "Unique"
field_allow_nulls: "Allow nulls"
field_autoincrement: "Auto Increment"
field_primary_key: "Primary Key"
field_foreign_key: "Foreign Key"
field_save: "Save"
field_update: "Update"
field_cancel: "Cancel"
field_delete: "Delete Field"
field_delete_alert: "Are you sure you want to delete this field?\n(hold shift to delete without confirmation)"
field_ref_table: "Ref. Table"
field_ref_field: "Ref. Field"
delete_schema: "Are you sure you want to delete this schema?"
server_error: "A server error occurred"
schema_owner_error: "Only the schema owner can change share settings"
login_to_use_this_function: "You should login to use this function"