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DR Website Data


  • Node.js, using an Express server to define API routes that the client can call
  • Each route returns the response from an external API request
    • Codebase: a Wordpress REST API endpoint that exposes theme data returned from ongoing curl requests to our websites
    • WPEngine: the WPEngine API (beta), exposes a limited amount of account data
    • Cloudflare: get a list of all cloudflare zones and associated DNS data for each
    • Other?


  • React components
  • Top level component queries the backend server via fetch requests to the Express endpoints defined in server.js (for now), then saves the response data in state and passes it down as props to child components
  • Some components may need to send their own API request for performance reasons (only want to request the latest datum X from a given site when the user loads that site's dashboard instead of querying all 200 sites at once)?

Next Steps

  • Add authorization
  • Compile data into single page dashboard
  • Add unit and integration tests