A "Locations Near Me" Finder Leveraging the Google Maps JavaScript API
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Locations Near Me

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This is a demo of a simple client-side application that leverages the Google Maps JavaScript API to give a user the ability to search for locations of a given business within a specified radius.

Sample Data

Sample location data for the demo is a list of Chipotle restaurants with addresses, latitude and longitude information, and dummy phone numbers.

To set up a list of any locations you want, simply format the list as an array of objects with these properties:

    name: "Chipotle Boston Street",
    lat: 39.2818348,
    lng: -76.5837981,
    address: "2400 Boston St",
    city: "Baltimore",
    state: "MD",
    zip: "21224",
    phone: "(555) 555-5555",

How to Use

  • Create a form in your HTML document to capture user data
  • Edit the element IDs in createSearchableMap.js to reflect the fields in your form
  • Save your desired list of locations, formatted as an Array of objects, as allLocations.js
  • Get your own Google Maps API key, insert, and go! Visit https://console.cloud.google.com/ to create an account and activate the Maps and Geocoding APIs and generate credentials. They are free and basically unlimited (up to 40,000 calls per month for Geocoding).

Future Updates

  • Add "settings" object to streamline future deployments