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Small App that will update my switch with files from the internet
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Small App that will update my switch with files from the internet P.O.C. alt text

Based on Atmosphere updater 0.5.0


Download the the latest release from here.

Move the downloaded .nro onto you nintendo switch sd card inside the folder /switch/DC-Switch.

That's it!


The app currently has 5 main options.

Get Dcnigma's Pong Game:

  • Downloads the latest binary release of my modded pong game.

Get Ebooks:

  • Downloads the latest Ebook Pack.
  • For now this is a template file unpacks 3 dummyfiles: dcnigma.pdf dcnigma.cbr

Get Dcnigma's Amiibo dump 3/11/2019:

  • Installs my latest converted Amiibo's to use with Emuiibo mod
  • There are 179 Amiibo's in this pack for now.

Update App:

  • Downloads the latest version of this app straight from github!
  • Deletes the previous old version.

Reboot (reboot to payload): Kept it in because its always handy to have :-D

  • Reboots the switch, loading the payload from /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin.

Special Thanks!

totaljustice for the initial version so I could make this!

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