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Orientation: Garbage

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Taking out the Garbage

Taking out the garbage is a really, really nice thing to do when it's full, and it prevents the space from smelling awful. People who take out the garbage are amazing.

  1. Grab the garbage keys that are hanging above the can.

  2. Make sure to empty all of the small garbage cans into the big one before tying it up. Also grab any cardboard, and the blue recycling box if you want to get rid of cans.

  3. The dumpster is the blue one behind the building by Bangtown's parking lot. There are two different locks.

  4. Dump garbage in the left side and cardboard in the right side.

  5. Anyone who recycles the cans is awarded the $ from doing so. If you don't want to bother just leave all of them beside the dumpster and make someone's day.

  6. Put Garbage keys back where you found them. Large black garbage bags are in the big armoire (cabinet) on the right, put new garbage bags on all of the trash cans.

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