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Daily UI Challenge #001: Sign Up

The inspiration for the design of this challenge came from a project I worked on for a previous class. In that project, we were tasked to make a search engine for a school where students and professors can utilize the search engine to search for various school-related files like essays and previous tests. When we created the UI, we wanted to highlight various areas of interest from the campus through background pictures, similar to what Microsoft uses on their sign in page. These backgrounds were featured on both the main page and the sign up/login page of the website.

The background image I chose for this sign up page is a photo I found on Unsplash by Verne Ho. I wanted to go for an evening cityscape instead of the daytime photos that were used for my previously mentioned project. There isn't any profound reason for choosing Toronto as the locale other than being situated in the GTA.

The decision behind deciding which fields to include in the sign up page was to only include the minimum necessary fields. This would allow the user to sign up for the service faster. Should they choose to, they can add more information to their account after signing up. Websites like DigitalOcean take this approach, as well as many mobile apps.

Fonts Used


Background photo by Verne Ho. Taken from Unsplash.

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