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Daily UI Challenge #005: App Icon

If there's something I can confidently say that I'm not, it would be a logo designer. Logos are quite difficult for me to design. I don't have a good grasp of what makes a logo appealing, nor do I have the technicial skills to make an attractive logo. The best I can do is take an image or a nice font and place it in front of a coloured background and call it a day.

The app icon I decided to design was for my made up MeetUp app from Challenge 003. The point of MeetUp is to meet people, so I decided to use two signifiers. The location pin, and a simple portrayal of a human. These two images signify the idea of people gathering together. I used the one of the secondary shades of blue from the page design for the background and the red that I used in the image for the colour of the location pin. The person icon uses another secondary shade of blue, but darker than the background as to not blend in and seem see-through. I also added a drop-shadow to give the icon some depth.

I added the ability to view the icon in different shapes as per Google's adaptive icon design. In Android, icon backgrounds can be manipulated to fit any shape an OEM may desire (should they choose to implement it). The five available buttons manipulate the logo to approximate renditions of what they would look like in each adaptive icon shape.

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