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Daily UI Challenge #007: Settings

Similar to the last challenge, this was somewhat of a vague challenge. There are a lot of types of settings to create that it was hard to determine which settings were appropriate. My creative block definitely didn't help things either.

I went with a simple user profile settings layout, with options inspired by the ones used on My Nintendo. I didn't feel a need to add more settings as I believe the overall look would be the same across different settings sections.

I kept the overall visual style simple. This is a settings menu, so users shouldn't need to spend too much time in here. One visual touch I added was the left border indicator used in the Nintendo Switch interface for designating a selected window. I thought it was a clever way to signify a selected option instead of a highlight.

Each of the button links in the Account settings would ideally lead to another page since they are much more involved settings compared to those in the profile section.

Font Used


Dice and user icons by Font Awesome are licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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