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Web Site for Pioneer Balloons

By Derek Braid at

Transform the paper-based product catalogue into digital version. Uses Meteor and IronRouter. Hosted at Pioneer Line

NOTES and Todos


  1. Searching on google (address bar?), it should be listed as the pioneerline, not pioneerline2014 or 2015.

  2. (X) Page headings: color: black, margin-top less

  3. Shrink Qualatex image (live demo)

  4. (X) nav-menu: less margin between li's -- Dropdown menu should be shrunk (width)

  5. adrite purple image is pxr format

  6. need pricing for 3ft hearts Jan 23rd

  7. h4's on pages should have zero margin (make them closer together)

  8. (X) For Pals, when clicking the image, all balloons should show.

  9. homepage, add sales service solutions (from 2015 calendar)

  10. homepage (moar purple).

  11. (X) Resources should link to PDF directly (download PDFs in assets/pdf )

NOTES and Todos


(X) 2. French Language Content (pouce for inches (_fr) ) 2. for MENU: add fr on same line (see heading translations provided) 2. change all font to black

  1. Products by Market -- products.php (see dot com)
  2. data / content for event tents and promoflags, gen info, french content missing
  3. french content for special shapes

(X)2. written description of colour assortments can be removed (x)1. add trailing zeros to table (X)2. No colour palette for SuperAgate (multi colour) (X)2. Create page for Stock Balloons

Dec 23rd


(X)-- increase size of CANADA FLAG (X)-- remove last (largest) column from table.


(X)Nav headers, bigger; (X)Event Products (nav bar) (X)Admax Mini Play Balls (nav header)


(X) Pioneer Line logo homepage bigger; (X) add in "Canada", with larger CDN maple leaf logo.


(X)1. Other Resources: flyers (as PDF), General Info as PDF, "Pages for Canada", accessories (X) most of this will be PDFs, need them! (X) rename "Other" to Resources

(X)2. Heart and Globe Palettes?

  1. Sort priority: a. Size b. see Catalogue layout

(X)4. Each Page needs images (X)move the table over to say col-7, on left insert the palette or valid img

(X)5. Homepage design makeover (X)a. set up large images w/ links to sections (duplicate nav, but visually) (X)b. see for template (also request these images).

Meeting Notes - Week of Nov 11

(x)2. Include all relevant resources (x)4. Layout: go with Standard layout. (X)10. IE BUG or palette stretch in diff browsers?
(X)16. Add CSS effect to nav to show routeActive (x)9. Get logo as .png with transparent background (x)1. SEO (x)3. Add Western Canada Phone # (x)5. Make click event on table headers for price ONLY (x)8. Add Maple Leaf to top-right of all pages (x)12. Carousel timer aprox 4000ms (x)13. remove title and header from home page (x)14. see above, replace with Qualatex and AdRite logos (x)15. Contact page: insert main, Qualatex and AdRite logos

Meeting Notes - Week of Nov 28

(X)1. Option to view each balloon indiv. (x)2. Update title to "AdMax Mini Sport Balls and Play Balls"

(X)4. Microfoils take out shapes (add images provided) (X)5. add globe balloons to roundballoon and giant dropdown (x)6. RUSH -- get 24 HOURS ICON (x)7. Adrite Logo to Adrite page (x)8. quicklink Logo to quicklink page (x)9. remove arrow from product description (with disabled sort) (x)12. set margin on products to 0 (

element inside )

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