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PHP SDK for Factom Enterprise API
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Integrate Factom blockchain in your PHP application with just a few lines of code.

Factom Enterprise API:
API Reference:


  1. Include PHP class
require_once "FactomEnterpriseAPI.php";
  1. Define API access key to use API (you can request API key on
$factom = new Factom("your-API-key-here");

Examples of usage

  1. Create new Factom chain
$content = "Description of new chain";
$external_ids = ["Tag 1", "Tag 2"];
$factom->create_chain($content, $external_ids);
  1. Create new entry on the Factom chain
$chain_id = "e3413be4d7e479e1fe0d640d6f0e81bdc09057bf5f98f82dd7eb818c61e68716";
$content = "Just created new entry";
$external_ids = ["Single tag"]; // optional
$factom->create_entry($chain_id, $content, $external_ids);
  1. Read entry on the Factom blockchain
$entry_hash = "5532d29d7cd6f1939b38d855785e3bab2b3fe469c7575a24dd096ee4c6468fc3";
  1. Get API user information (usage stats & limits)

Advanced examples

  1. Writing arrays/objects on the Factom blockchain as JSON
$chain_id = "e3413be4d7e479e1fe0d640d6f0e81bdc09057bf5f98f82dd7eb818c61e68716";
$content = ["foo"=>"bar", "bar"=>"foo"];
$factom->create_entry($chain_id, json_encode($content));


Factom Enterprise API provided by De Facto — Factom Authority Node Operator

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