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## Installation
If you want to try Defacto all you need to do is:
- 1. check out DeFacto (
- 2. copy defacto.ini.default to defacto.ini
- 3. get your own [bing search api key](
- 4. write this key to the defacto.ini (adjust your settings based on changes informed below)
- 5. set up the environment
- 5.1 [Apache solr 4.5]( for indexing
- 5.2 [MySQL 5.5]( for query support
- 5.2.1 create a new database dubbed ```dbpedia_metrics``` and import the file ```dbpedia_metrics.sql```
- 5.3 [WordNET 3.1](
- 6. run
## Requirements
Java 7, Maven, Solr 4.5, MySQL 5.5, Wordnet, Weka 3.3.6 (in case you want to check models out