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CMake Eclipse Helper

The CMake Eclipse Helper is a simplistic plug-in that tries to help the user through the rough edges of setting up their CMake-based projects within Eclipse for cross-compiling.

Internally, it uses CMakes "Eclipse Generator". So your projects do not have to meet any other prerequisites other than having a CMakeLists.txt in the projects root. Just use the option "CMake"->"Setup" in the context menu of your project and you can build your project using CMake (this even works, if the project wasn't a CDT-Project before).


  • Context menu to switch the Build Type (Debug, Release, RelWithDebugInfo, etc.)
  • Context menu to switch the Toolchain (Own toolchains can be added)
  • Support for adding/removing source files and updating the globs (by automatically touching the CMakeLists.txt file).
  • It provides simple context menus for your project to run the CMake generator and to tag "generated" files (like the .project and .cproject) so you won't accidentally spam your version control system with changes on these files.

see for more information about the plugin.

How to install?

Our eclipse update-site is available at:

How to define toolchains?

You require to configure the path of the directory, where the toolchain files are stored. The parser uses the following pattern: toolchain.<name>.cmake

The "name" will be picked up by the toolchain context menu.

See for more information about how to manage toolchains.

How to use the plug-in?

All you need is a project with a CMakeLists.txt file in the projects root.

  1. Right-click your project
  2. Choose "CMake"->"Setup" in the context menu
  3. Build your project

In case your CMakeLists.txt does not contain any syntax errors thats all you need to do.

If you have a arm toolchain file and you want to switch from x86_64 to the arm toolchain this is the way to go.

  1. Right-click your project
  2. Choose CMake -> Toolchains -> name-of-your-arm-toolchain
  3. Build your project

You will find your binaries in the "bin/name-of-your-arm-toolchain" directory (in case you did not specify a different output directory within your CMakeLists.txt).

See for more information about how to use the plugin.


Eclipse Plugin for supporting the developer using CMake.




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