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Windows 95 Sim Using Javascript
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Windows 95 Sim Using Javascript

Forked from Kaepora's WIN95 Project:

Features include:

  • Working Windows 95 Environment (start menu, task bar, maximize, minimize, open, close, all the things)
  • Responsive for mobile devices
  • Chain icons on the "desktop" or on the "file system" to windows or have them open other windows.
  • Multiple Window types including (found in assets/js/sys/):
    • Explorer (this is your typical file system where you can chain files/folders)
    • Dialog Box (show a warning or other system message)
    • Video (plays a video from YouTube or Vimeo)
    • Photo (displays a single photo)
    • Slideshow (displays a sequence of photos, use next/previous buttons or arrow keys)
    • Internet Online (window inspired by the old AOL console)
    • Search History (just a text list, worked with Internet Online Window)
    • Profile (inspired by the AOL profile Window)
    • GIFs (from back when they were pronounced with a "G" sound, just a window repeating goofy animation)
  • Initial loading page simulating a remote desktop connection

Getting started so you can do stuff:

Node and Bower are required. Make sure these files are included in your project folder root:

  • gulpfile.js
  • .gitignore
  • .jshintignore
  • .bowerrc
  • bower.json
  • config.json
  • package.json

Using the config.json

Enter your config settings (optional)

dest :  your_destination_folder_for_your_compiled_files
assets : your_assets_folder - leave blank tot put images,css,js,videos,fonts in the root. !! You will need to manually move the src assets to this folder.
hostname :  enter_your_server_hostname
env : dev (options are: dev, tst, prd)

Install Dependencies

In your project folder run [sudo] npm install and [sudo] bower install.


Run gulp dev in your project folder to kickoff browsersync, jshint and sass watching.

Run gulp build to compile all assets and compress images

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