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#Saffron Build Status Gem Version

A simple Sass mixin library for animations and transitions.

Saffron is a collection of Sass mixins and helpers that make adding CSS3 animations and transitions much simpler. Just include a mixin in your Sass declaration, then set any configuration using variables and mixin parameters.

###Requirements Sass 3.2+

##Installing ###Standard Installation Install the gem from the command line with gem install saffron, then cd into the directory where you want to install Saffron and run the installation command:

saffron install

You can also use the -p flag to install Saffron into a relative directory:

saffron install -p path/to/directory/

Finally, import the mixins into your main SCSS file:

  @import "saffron/saffron";

###Rails If you're using Rails 3.1+, you can add Saffron to your Gemfile:

  gem "saffron"

Run bundle install to make all the mixins available to your Rails application, and import Saffron at the top of your application.css.scss:

@import "saffron";

###Bower Saffron is available on Bower. Run bower install saffron to get the latest tagged version of Saffron from Bower. Unless you've changed the default directory, Saffron will be installed into your bower_componenents directory within the saffron subdirectory.

###Manual Installation Download or clone the project repo from GitHub. Copy the saffron folder and paste into your sass folder (or whatever you call it). You won't need any of the other directories or files.

  @import "saffron/saffron";

No matter how you installed Saffron, you can now use any of the mixins:

  .my-class {
    @include teeter();

##Updating To get the latest mixins you should update the Saffron files every once in a while. You can do so by running:

saffron update

If you initially installed Saffron in a specific directory using the -p flag, you'll need to do the the same when updating:

saffron update -p path/to/directory/

##Browser Support Saffron uses CSS3 transform, keyframes, animations and transitions, so it's really only for modern browsers. Visit for a clear idea of CSS3 browser support.

All the mixins compile down to vendor prefixed CSS, and have been tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. I aim to do more browser testing and hope to increase compatability, especially for IE.

##Stylus If you're more of a Stylus user, check out @willhoag's port: Saffron-Stylus.

##License MIT


A simple sass mixin library for animations and transitions.



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