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New GUI design (more info, simpler) with quick user guide, multi-instances mode, clearer images filenames and crosses, 16b files support, options to process, to exit, to shutdown PC automatically

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@MarcDelcroix MarcDelcroix released this
· 6 commits to master since this release

Detection: Probability+frame in detection images filename for easier analysis (S.Sylla)
General: Optimizing processing time (forks, instances count)
Options: Details not by default, moved to processing section in GUI
Command: Option for flat preparation image (max of not aligned trames)
Bugfix: Code to close all opened streams, files and captures (C.Foster)
General: Allows to select another folder/file for new detection when previous detection done
General: Options to process, to exit, to shutdown PC automatically
Documentation: New guide under github management
Log: Writes parameters from ini file in output log
Files: 16b (and automatic detection 1 to 16b) support for files/fits
Exit: Kill children instances, cross working
GUI: General execution full log in parent/child instance mode
GUI: Lighter interface in non debug mode
GUI: Optimized design
GUI: Direct select folder / file buttons + checkbox automatic mode
GUI: improvment of windows refreshes
GUI: display duration processed total (parent) or instance
GUI: display "probability" total (parent) or instance (child)
GUI: display computing time total: total (parent) or instance
GUI: Activate button/menu only when needed
GUI: Email dialog removed, moves messages to principal window
GUI: Total computing time incl. waiting time displayed
GUI: Delete process queue on exit / reset list
GUI: Detect impacts button, zip and detection images links enabled only when relevant
GUI: Zipfile, image detection folder and detection log links
Instances: Disable Restart manager (m_dwRestartManagerSupportFlags)
Instances: Display # of instances running / max instances
Instances: Attempt to fork when new processed file
Instances: Check children instances for forks
Instances: Multi-instances DeTeCt mode with central log, launching automaticaly child instances
Instances: Blockers on access and depending on the state of processing
Instances: Waiting message
Autostakkert: Implement "stop waiting" option to exit
Autostakkert: Identified Autostakkert launching from PID, process queue file with this PID
Postprocessing: scripts under github management
Bugfix: Options not dynamic during detection
Bugfix: Incorrect display of total number of files
Bugfix: Controls init too early before creation of dialog
Bugfix: -auto automatically exits when processing is done
Bugfix: Correct count of files to be processed in multi-instance mode
Bugfix: Output generation (multi-instance mode)
BugFix: Close handle kill process corrected
Bugfix: Progress bar when # frames > SHRT_MAX
Bugfix: Reset list does not remove queue
Bugfix: Activation of execution from autostakkert button
Bugfix: Reset probabilities after open
Bugfix: Datation with old version of LucamRecorder
Bugfix: Filecapture double structure definition
Autostakkert: wait for autostakkert to exit before finishing processings (zip, aso...)
Autostakkert: Store impact detection folder and general logs within DeTeCt.exe folder
Autostakkert: use as3 file for processing queue (to compute faster)
Algorithm: red cross changed to yellow, Green to blue to see them better, and be color blind compliant (M. Lewis)
Logs: do not zip / send email if no file has been processed
Logs: renames logs with date-time min and max
Files: do not add processed file (if -noreproc on) / file with too few frames / file with type to be ignored (dark, ...) to the processing list
WinJupos: Reads xml derot configuration file
GUI: Full interface with small logs
GUI: Global progress bar
GUI: Shows live # of null/low/high probability impacts processed
GUI: Reset file list menu
GUI: parent/child instance and call from AS
Bugfix: do not launch several DeTeCt instances if maxinstances = 1 even in non auto mode
Bugfix: in automatic mode, exits if no valid file selected
Options: Reads options from ini before interpreting command line options
General Displays number of processors
Command: add shorter names for all command line options