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v3.5.1: Algorithm improvement (% of frame for impact candidate), user settings separated from advanced settings, option to (de)activate detection/mean image during processing (M. Lewis), bugfixes

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GUI: User and advanced/dev. settings separate windows
Entry "Update to latest version" in the Help menu to update manually
Entry "Versions history" in the Help menu (opens github releases page)
User Settings: Option to show/not show detection image (Martin)
Option to show/not show mean image
Show mean/detection images without any time limit (speeds up processing)
preflat image generation option (not saved in ini file)
dateonly option not saved (one time action)
Adv. Settings: Debug option in adv. parameters (not saved in ini file)
Zip option moved to dev. section
(pre)clean directory checkbox in dev. parameters (one time action)
Algorithm: 30% factor of frames in impact candidate (adapted after bugfix)
Logs: DeTeCt version and ini file at begining of output log
Bugfix: High probability rating qualification
MP4 file selection