Nuklear+ (read as "Nuklear cross") is a front-end overlay for Nuklear GUI library
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Nuklear+ (read as "Nuklear cross") is a front-end overlay for Nuklear GUI library.

Write one simple code, compile it for any supported frontend.


Nuklear itself requires a lot of additional code to create OS window etc. Nuklear+ hide it all from programmer. Just write your code, do not think about OS!


You can use Doxygen docs. Or just have a look at nuklear_cross.h for all function descriptions.

Complete Example

It's the same example as in original Nuklear. The only difference - you need to add code in original example. This one is working out of the box.

#include "nuklear_cross.h"
#include <stdio.h>

enum radioOptions {

struct my_nkc_app {
    struct nkc* nkcHandle;

    /* some user data */
    float value;
    enum radioOptions op;

void mainLoop(void* loopArg){
    struct my_nkc_app* myapp = (struct my_nkc_app*)loopArg;
    struct nk_context *ctx = nkc_get_ctx(myapp->nkcHandle);

    union nkc_event e = nkc_poll_events(myapp->nkcHandle);
    if( (e.type == NKC_EWINDOW) && (e.window.param == NKC_EQUIT) ){

    /* Nuklear GUI code */
    if (nk_begin(ctx, "Show", nk_rect(50, 50, 220, 220),
        /* fixed widget pixel width */
        nk_layout_row_static(ctx, 30, 80, 1);
        if (nk_button_label(ctx, "button")) {
            /* event handling */
            printf("Button pressed\n");

        /* fixed widget window ratio width */
        nk_layout_row_dynamic(ctx, 30, 2);
        if (nk_option_label(ctx, "easy", myapp->op == EASY)) myapp->op = EASY;
        if (nk_option_label(ctx, "hard", myapp->op == HARD)) myapp->op = HARD;

        /* custom widget pixel width */
        nk_layout_row_begin(ctx, NK_STATIC, 30, 2);
            nk_layout_row_push(ctx, 50);
            nk_label(ctx, "Volume:", NK_TEXT_LEFT);
            nk_layout_row_push(ctx, 110);
            nk_slider_float(ctx, 0, &(myapp->value), 1.0f, 0.1f);
    /* End Nuklear GUI */

    nkc_render(myapp->nkcHandle, nk_rgb(40,40,40) );

int main(){
    struct my_nkc_app myapp;
    struct nkc nkcx; /* Allocate memory for Nuklear+ handle */
    myapp.nkcHandle = &nkcx;
    /* init some user data */
    myapp.value = 0.4;
    myapp.op = HARD;

    if( nkc_init( myapp.nkcHandle, "Nuklear+ Example", 640, 480, NKC_WIN_NORMAL ) ){
        printf("Successfull init. Starting 'infinite' main loop...\n");
        nkc_set_main_loop(myapp.nkcHandle, mainLoop, (void*)&myapp );
    } else {
        printf("Can't init NKC\n");
    printf("Value after exit = %f\n", myapp.value);
    nkc_shutdown( myapp.nkcHandle );
    return 0;


More examples

How to use

The best way is using Git submodules. In your project's directory:

git submodule add

It will create nuklear_cross subdirectory and will fetch all content. When you will want to actualize content:

cd nuklear_cross
git checkout master
git pull

Applications and games, made on Nuklear+


  • Are main loop function usage required?
  • Only for Emscripten. You can organize main loop as you want if you do not plannig to make a web version.

Updating Nuklear files

The library aims to use vanilla Nuklear.h and driver files from demo folder. So in general case you can just replace file by file from Nuklear repo. By the way, the API in demos can be changed. In that case frontend will stop work. Also, there can some functionality, not yet added to Nuklear's main repo. Also, drivers can need some small fixes. The path of stb_image.h in nuklear_xlib.h for example.


Developed by Dmitry Hrabrov a.k.a. DeXPeriX and every direct or indirect contributor to the GitHub.


This software is dual-licensed to the public domain and under the following license: you are granted a perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, modify, publish and distribute this file as you see fit