lineageos 16 releases for Galaxy A5 SM-A500FU
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LineageOS 16 releases for galaxy a5 SM-A500FU.

This repo contains lineageos 16 builds for Galaxy A5 SM-A500FU variant only!

However, you can easily port builds to other variants by modifying the zip, but other variants will not be supported!

Releases can be found at

How to install lineageos 16:

Flash twrp recovery
Wipe system, data, cache, and dalvik if you are using a different rom or android version (for example lineage 15.1), otherwise, if you are just updating lineageos 16.0 you won't have to do that.
Flash lineageos 16.0 zip
Optional but recommended: download and flash gapps

Changelog can be found at:

Support If you have any questions not related to ROM issues, or want to talk about this ROM or A5 modding, you can join Telegram group