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Richard Stallman Dating Simulator

A visual novel involving Richard Stallman (also known as RMS) of the Free Software Foundation as well as the GNU project. This is inspired by numerous dating simulator games found in the Newgrounds.com community.

Core story loop is under development. Milestones for features and plot elements are currently being explored.

How to run the game

Since it is early development, no binaries or packages are being provided. Instead, you will need to actually install Ren'Py and git clone this repo into your Ren'Py Projects Directory.

You can specify this location in your Ren'Py settings; for convenience mine is /home/Sean/Workspace/Python/. Any directory present in that folder would see the new Ren'Py game you've added to it.


Why Richard Stallman?

Why not? RMS is a quirky person, who also deserves to be loved. This game exists as a byproduct of Rule 34, in the context that if something online can be imagined, it can exist.

Is this game Free software?

Yes, the engine is LGPL, and the visual novel itself is GPLv3. All art assets are considered to be Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0

Does RMS know about this game?

Probably not. The real issue, I believe, is that I have no idea on how to make instructions for playing this in Emacs.

Can I get involved with this somehow?

Sure! Just open up a Pull Request.

Will you provide binaries or packages in the future?

Possibly, but it isn't yet a high priority. If this hits a level of polish that demands a wider audience of people plays it, then I'll put something together.