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openupm License: MIT

MyBox is a set of tools, features and extensions for Unity.
It is MyBox. Now it's yours too 🙌


Install via OpenUPM

The package is available on the openupm registry. You may install it via openupm-cli.

openupm add com.mybox

Install via Git URL

You may install MyBox via Unity Package Manager:
Open Packages/manifest.json file in your project folder and put this line along with other dependencies

"com.mybox": ""

Note how the comma lies at the end of every line in dependencies, except of the last line!

To update, use Tools->MyBox->MyBox Window
MyBox will notify on new versions 🤗

If you got problems with update process simply remove "lock" section at the end of your Packages/manifest.json file. This will force Unity to redownload all git packages:

...or simply put MyBox folder downloaded from git somewhere under your Assets folder 🤨

Tons of images below 👇


AutoProperty — Assign fields automatically
ButtonMethod — Display button in inspector
ConditionalField — Conditionally display property in inspector, based on some other property value
ConstantsSelection — Popup of const, readonly or static fields and properties
DefinedValues — Display Dropdown with predefined values
DisplayInspector — Display one inspector inside of another
Foldout — Group your fields in inspector
InitializeField — Field that is not editable in playmode
Tag, Layer, SpriteLayer — Dropdown with Tags, Layers or SpriteLayers
MinMaxRange, RangedFloat and RangedInt — Ranged sliders
MustBeAssigned — Automatically checks if field is assigned
PositiveValueOnly — Prohibit values below zero
ReadOnly — Draw property with disabled GUI
RequireTag and RequireLayer — Automatically set Tag and Layer
SearchableEnum — Nice UI for enums with lots of elements
Separator — Draw separator with or without title

Tools and Features

AssetPressetPreprocessor — Conditionally apply Presets to your assets on import

TimeTest — Measure performance with simple api
IPrepare — Easy way to replace caching, calculations and asserts from playmode
Features — Cleanup Empty Directories, AutoSave feature, Hotkeys
UnityEvent Inspector — Allows you to fold and reorder event subscribers


Guid Component — Generate unique and persistent IDs
SceneReference Component — Reference scene with Scene asset in inspector
ActivateOnStart Component — Set state of specific GO on game start
AnimationStateReference — Specify AnimationClip on object with Animator
AssetPath and AssetFolderPath — Inspector button to browse for folder or asset under Assets folder
Billboard Component — Force object to always face camera
ColliderGizmo Component — Highlight colliders and triggers in SceneView
FPSCounter Component — Display FPS counter on Playmode
MyCursor — Nice way to set cursor with hotspot
MyDictionary — Serializable Dictionary
MinMaxInt and MinMaxFloat — Asserts that Max => Min with handy inspector drawer
Optional and OptionalMinMax — Optionally assignable values
Reorderable Collections — Reorder your collections in inspector

//TODO: Extensions, Unfinished tools


MyBox is a set of attributes, tools and extensions for Unity




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