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Terraform provider for F5 BigIP
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A Terraform provider for F5 BigIP. Resources are currently available for LTM.

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F5 Requirements

This provider uses the iControlREST API. Make sure that is installed and enabled on your F5 before proceeding.


  • Download the latest release for your platform.
  • Rename the executable to terraform-provider-bigip
  • Copy somewhere on your path, or update .terraformrc in your home directory like so:
providers {
	bigip = "/path/to/terraform-provider-bigip"

Provider Configuration


provider "bigip" {
  address = "${var.url}"
  username = "${var.username}"
  password = "${var.password}"


address - (Required) Address of the device

username - (Required) Username for authentication

password - (Required) Password for authentication

token_auth - (Optional, Default=false) Enable to use an external authentication source (LDAP, TACACS, etc)

login_ref - (Optional, Default="tmos") Login reference for token authentication (see BIG-IP REST docs for details)


For resources should be named with their "full path". The full path is the combination of the partition + name of the resource. For example /Common/my-pool.


Configures a custom monitor for use by health checks.


resource "bigip_ltm_monitor" "monitor" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_monitor"
  parent = "/Common/http"
  send = "GET /some/path\r\n"
  timeout = "999"
  interval = "999"


name - (Required) Name of the monitor

parent - (Required) Existing LTM monitor to inherit from

interval - (Optional) Check interval in seconds

timeout - (Optional) Timeout in seconds

send - (Optional) Request string to send

receive - (Optional) Expected response string

receive_disable - (Optional)

reverse - (Optional)

transparent - (Optional)

manual_resume - (Optional)

ip_dscp - (Optional)

time_until_up - (Optional)


Manages a node configuration


resource "bigip_ltm_node" "node" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_node1"
  address = ""


name - (Required) Name of the node

address - (Required) IP or hostname of the node



resource "bigip_ltm_pool" "pool" {
  name = "/Common/terraform-pool"
  load_balancing_mode = "round-robin"
  nodes = ["${}:80"]
  monitors = ["${}","${}"]
  allow_snat = false


name - (Required) Name of the pool

nodes - (Optional) Nodes to add to the pool. Format node_name:port. e.g. node01:443

monitors - (Optional) List of monitor names to associate with the pool

allow_nat - (Optional)

allow_snat - (Optional)

load_balancing_mode - (Optional, Default = round-robin)


Configures a Virtual Server


resource "bigip_ltm_virtual_server" "http" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_vs_http"
  destination = ""
  port = 80
  pool = "/Common/the-default-pool"

# A Virtual server with SSL enabled
resource "bigip_ltm_virtual_server" "https" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_vs_https"
  destination = "${var.vip_ip}"
  port = 443
  pool = "${var.pool}"
  profiles = ["/Common/tcp","/Common/my-awesome-ssl-cert","/Common/http"]
  source_address_translation = "automap"

# A Virtual server with separate client and server profiles
resource "bigip_ltm_virtual_server" "https" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_vs_https"
  destination = "${var.vip_ip}"
  port = 443
  pool = "${var.pool}"
  client_profiles = ["/Common/tcp"]
  server_profiles = ["/Common/tcp-lan-optimized"]
  source_address_translation = "automap"


name - (Required) Name of the virtual server

port - (Required) Listen port for the virtual server

source - (Optional) Source IP and mask

destination - (Required) Destination IP

pool - (Optional) Default pool name

mask - (Optional) Mask can either be in CIDR notation or decimal, i.e.: 24 or A CIDR mask of 0 is the same as

profiles - (Optional) List of profiles associated both client and server contexts on the virtual server. This includes protocol, ssl, http, etc.

client_profiles - (Optional) List of client context profiles associated on the virtual server. Not mutually exclusive with profiles and server_profiles

server_profiles - (Optional) List of server context profiles associated on the virtual server. Not mutually exclusive with profiles and client_profiles

irules - (Optional) List of irules associated on the virtual server

source_address_translation - (Optional) Can be either omitted for none or the values automap or snat

snatpool - (Optional) Name of the snatpool to use. Requires source_address_translation to be set to 'snat'

ip_protocol - (Optional) Specify the IP protocol to use with the the virtual server (all, tcp, or udp are valid)

policies - (Optional) List of policies associated on the virtual server

vlans - (Optional) List of VLANs associated on the virtual server


Creates iRules


# Loading from a file is the preferred method
resource "bigip_ltm_irule" "rule" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_irule"
  irule = "${file("myirule.tcl")}"

resource "bigip_ltm_irule" "rule2" {
  name = "/Common/terraform_irule2"
  irule = <<EOF
     log local0. "test"


name - (Required) Name of the iRule

irule - (Required) Body of the iRule


Configures a Virtual Address. NOTE: create/delete are not implemented since the virtual addresses should be created/deleted automatically with the corresponding virtual server.


resource "bigip_ltm_virtual_address" "vs_va" {

    name = "/Common/${bigip_ltm_virtual_server.vs.destination}"
    advertize_route = true


name - (Required) Name of the virtual address

description - (Optional) Description of the virtual address

advertize_route - (Optional) Enabled dynamic routing of the address

conn_limit - (Optional, Default=0) Max number of connections for virtual address

enabled - (Optional, Default=true) Enable or disable the virtual address

arp - (Optional, Default=true) Enable or disable ARP for the virtual address

auto_delete - (Optional, Default=true) Automatically delete the virtual address with the virtual server

icmp_echo - (Optional, Default=true) Enable/Disable ICMP response to the virtual address

traffic_group - (Optional, Default=/Common/traffic-group-1) Specify the partition and traffic group


Configure local traffic policies. This is a fairly low level resource that does little to make actually using policies any simpler. A solid understanding of how policies and their associated rules, actions and conditions are managed through iControlREST is recommended.


resource "bigip_ltm_policy" "policy" {
  name = "/Common/my_policy"
  strategy = "/Common/first-match"
  requires = ["http"]
  controls = ["forwarding"]
  rule {
    name = "/Common/rule1"

    condition {
      httpUri = true
      startsWith = true
      values = ["/foo"]

    condition {
      httpMethod = true
      values = ["GET"]

    action {
      forward = true
      pool = "/Common/my_pool"


name - (Required) Name of the policy

strategy - (Required) Strategy selection when more than one rule matches.

requires - (Required) Defines the types of conditions that you can use when configuring a rule.

controls - (Required) Defines the types of actions that you can use when configuring a rule.

rule - defines a single rule to add to the policy. Multiple rules can be defined for a single policy.


Actions and Conditions support all fields available via the iControlREST API. You can see all of the available fields in the iControlREST API documentation. Each field in the actions and conditions objects is available. Pro tip: Create your policy via the GUI first then use the REST API to figure out how to configure the terraform resource.

name (Required) - Name of the rule

action - Defines a single action. Multiple actions can exist per rule.

condition - Defines a single condition. Multiple conditions can exist per rule.


Create the distributable packages like so:

make get-deps && make bin && make dist

See these pages for more information:


Running the acceptance test suite requires an F5 to test against. Set BIGIP_HOST, BIGIP_USER and BIGIP_PASSWORD to a device to run the tests against. By default tests will use the Common partition for creating objects. You can change the partition by setting BIGIP_TEST_PARTITION. BIGIP_USER=foo BIGIP_PASSWORD=secret make testacc

Read here for more information about acceptance testing in Terraform.

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