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Script to punch-in punch-out of
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Security note from the author

The following links to herokuapps have been provided by 3rd parties, it is EXTREMELY recommended you host your own instance of this API.

If you insist, however, this repository is automatically published at as seen on the deployments page.

Force me to click on buttons you shall not is a simple (and annoying) web application given to employees to mark the time of their arrival and departure to/from work.

The hassle of logging in every day and clicking on the "I'm here!" button made me look for an automated solution location based. crediting this awesome blogpost, and after some adjustments + fixes - it can be automated using the almighty IFTTT app



Basic Usage

You'll only need 2 things

  1. a mobile phone with the IFTTT app installed
  2. credentials to

Login to IFTTT and create 2 new applets based on location, one for entering the place and one for leaving the place

  • set the location with a decent radius

  • set the url to or

  • set the http method to POST

  • set the content type to application/json

  • set the body to

    { "employeeId": "ZZZZ", "company": "YYYY", "password": "XXXX"}



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