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TDSM - .NET and Mono compatible Terraria Server Software Mod
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TDSM: Rebind Build Status Slack

Supporting Terraria v1.3!
TDSM is a server modification of the official Terraria dedicated server software. It extends functionallity giving the option for advanced permissions and plugin support. TDSM is a great choice for alternative server software for Terraria if you want stability, multi-platform, and added functionallity. It's also updated very quickly after a new Terraria release because of the way the new TDSM Rebind has been written.

Notable Features

  • Plugins
  • Permissions System
  • MySQL and SQLite
  • Additional Commands like; spawnnpc, spawnboss, hardmode, invasion (and custom ones too), ect...
  • Web Interface (soon)
  • Remote Console


  1. You may get the latest release from the "releases" link at the top or by clicking here. Want a the latest unstable build? Check Testing below.
  2. Just extract the files somewhere and run tdsm.exe. :) (in linux run it with mono)
    Get more Help with installing.


If you would like to help test and get the unstable development build, you can just grab all the files from the "Binaries" directory. Those are always updated with each commit. Please use the GitHub Issues section to report bugs. Of course you can always drop by #support in our Slack chat (read more below), but we ask that if it's an actual bug report, to please report it in GitHub so we can track it. It also serves as a reminder.

Getting Help

Need help? Sure, no problem. ;)


There is a Wiki! Take a look at it from the Wiki link on the right side of the GitHub repo home page. Or click here.

Live Chat Slack

Want to chat with the core team members, other TDSM server operators like you, and plugin developers? Join our official Slack chat.

Showcase Server

We have a showcase server running the latest release of TDSM (and maybe sometimes the latest build?)! Join us and play on it any time you want. We are glad to have you. Mainly it's for checking it out from the player's perspective and getting a feel for it, but you could play some too. Though at this time the world may not be persistant and there could be some bad bugs from time to time if we do update it to a dev build.

The VPS server we are hosting it on was provided to us by CreeperHost. We want to give a big shout out to CreeperHost for their generostity and awesome vps server. It really does perform well and we really like it. Thanks!
"Want it easy, get it set up for you at CreeperHost" - CreeperHost

Login Details

  • IP =
  • PORT = 7777

Developers. We Need You!

If you can help with development, we would be happy to have your help! :) TDSM is written in C#. If you know other languages or would like to develop plugins instead, we need those too. Plugins can be written in C#, Lua, VB.NET, and F#.

Plugins Wanted

Here are a few Plugin ideas we would like to see. Of course you may make whatever kind of plugin you like.

  • Regions / Home Protection
    A block protection plugin for specific areas designated by a player.
  • Sort Containers / Inventory
  • Last command, command.
    For example, be able to issue /! command to re-execute the last command that player (or console) has used along with parameters.
  • PVP / Mini-game
  • Rollback / Anit-Grief protection

Also please take a look at our DEVELOPMENT.MD file.

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