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# Vote Rewards Configuration Guide

The Quicker suggestion of a video guide.

Link also comes with the download of the mod.

Configuring the config file

Navigate to your server folder. Then navigate to //Storage/ModData/RewardsMod/ and open Config.txt

Default Representation of Config.txt

Allow Currency Rewards = true
Allow Item Rewards = true
Allow Skillpoint Rewards = true
Allow Daily Vote Multiplier = true
Name of In-Game Currency To Award = DeathTech Credits
Value Per Vote = 1,0
Value Per Currency = 0,10
Value Per Skillpoint = 5,0
Daily Vote Multiplier = 0,1
Server API Key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Explanations of the fields:

All entries with "Allow" are booleans.
If you wish to disable any of them change their value to false

Allow Currency Rewards Enables redeeming currency.
Allow Item Rewards Enables redeeming items that are on the itemlist.
Allow Skillpoint Rewards Enables redeeming skill points.
Allow Daily Vote Multiplier Enables bonus premium currency for voting every day. Call it a combo if you like.

Name of In-Game Currency To Award Lets you set an in-game currency to award players. This can be a player currency or a minted one.

All entries with "Value Per" set the respective values that will be used. Please always make sure commas are used and not dots/periods.

Daily Vote Multiplier Lets you set the multiplier percentage of daily votes. Every vote will add the resulting number on top of the Value per vote. unless you have turned off Daily Votes.

Server API Key This value is obtained from from your server dashboard obtain the key and replace the xxxxxxx entry with your API key.
If you do not intend to make use of please ignore the entry.

You are now done with Config.txt you may edit the file to your liking, then save and return here for the next file.
If you do not intend to allow players to redeem items you are done configuring. Else keep on reading.

Configuring Purchasable items

Open up the RewardItems.txt

Identifying a reward item entry:

A reward item entry is made up of 4 components, these are:
Item Friendly Name
Minimum Quantity that can be purchased.
Maximum Quantity that can be purchased.
Value per item.

Thus here is an example entry:
Stone 1 20 1
Please do not copy the above entry as you will get errors by doing so.

So for the item name you want to use the game item's "Friendly Name".
For Gold Ore, it would be Gold Ore written same way as you do in the game to get the highlighted text. NOTE: For players, they must type in the Item Registered name. Ex GoldOre

The next two values. Allow you to specify a range of how much can be purchased at once.
These do not need to be capped out at 20 unless they are "Carried" items such as Logs, Stone, Iron Ore.
And the minimum value of the range is also available so you can force people to buy certain items as full stacks.
This would be useful for example when purchasing basic crafting materials such as wood pulp or plant fibers.

Now add all the items you wish the server to sell to your voters.
Once you are done save the file. Then go and run your server.

You are now done configuring Vote Rewards.

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