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STARSECTOR Ship&Weapon Editor v2.7.0

ENG.ini is the Language Definition file template. No needed for Engilsh user.


Major Change

-Migrate to MaxGUI.
--Add menu bar.
--Make editor resizable while running.
--Add an "Unsaved changes warning" when you may discards your unsaved changes.

-Implant undo/redo function.
--Will consider a serial string editing actions as one step due to it is too annoying to capture every keys.

-Rework "Set Mass Center and Collision Radius" and "Set Shield Center and Shield Radius" functions.
--Left Mouse Click now can only used for set center.
--Ctrl + Left Mouse Click now can used to set radius without reset the center frist.

-Rework "Launch Bay Edit" function.
--Ctrl + Left Mouse Click always add a new launch bay.
--Hold down Shift will lock on the nearest launch bay.
--Shift + Left Mouse Click will add a new launch port to the locked lauch bay.
--Remove the Right Mouse Click function.

-Rework the "Bounds Edit" function.
--Ctrl + Left Mouse Click now will try to insert new bound vertex between the nearest bound segment ends.

-New function. "Decorative Weapon Edit Mode"
--Same as "Built-in Weapon Edit Mode", but for decorative weapons.

-Add "Weapon Render" function.
--Can render all build-in and deco weapons in ship edit mode. And render all weapons in variant edit mode.
--Hit "F5" can toggle weapon renderer from "render in 100% opacity", "render in 50% opacity", and "do not render".
--Can use F6, F7, and F8 to Play, Stop and Reset all weapon animations, if there any.
--In "Weapon Slots Edit Mode", "Built-in/Deco weapon Edit Mode", and "Variant Edit Mode", arrow keys can use to control weapon animation on selceted slot.(See on screen help.)

-Fix up "Weapon Editor"
--Will properly parse and recode a .wpn file.
--Will display weapon offsets properly. For hardpoint and turret, both.
--Will display cursor coordinate properly.
--Make the glow on weapon more closer to in game visual.
--String editor for weapon now will provide accessibility to most weapon parameters.
--Guides will mark the weapon's pivot point out.

Minor Changes

-Add SYNERGY and COMPOSITE weapon slots support.
-Add "coversColor" support.
-Improve the performance for Preview All function.
-Replace the default background with a less obscure one.
-Add a filter that can fit out deco weapons when place weapon in non-deco slot.
-Enable language localisation.

--Add "custom_bg_image" that can set path for using custom background.
--Add "performance_mode", set to 1 can simplify some drawing process and result a better performance.
--Add "fluxmod_limit_override", set to 1 can override the 10/20/30/50 max flux vants/caps limit in variant edit mode.
--Add "scale_help_UI", set to 1 can enable help UI zooming for extreme resolution ratio.(Or you can set "font_size" instead.)
--Add "scale_help_UI_scale_level". If it set to 0, help UI will auto zoom.
--Add "custom_FONT" that can set path for custom font.
--Add "UTF8_support", set to 1 to enable UTF-8 support, to decode UTF-8(without BOM) data file.
--Add "localization_file" that can set path for LanguageDefinition file.

-Make engine flames looks more close to in game visual.
-Rework String data editing console. Make insert characters practical.
-Rework all "item selector" to fit some way too looong item list.
-Guides precision increase to 0.5.


-Can safely remove weapon slots with built-in weapon in it.
-Simplified help UI text drawing method for better performance.
-Fixed a crash when try to remove a weapon slot/engine/launch bay while there isn't anyone.
-When rename a weapons slot, the built-in weapon in that slot will got removed now.
-Fixed a issue that the rjson core will mistakenly discard "0" for integer output.

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