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Project Basics was started towards the general goal of creating innovative solutions to improve the quality of living of underprivileged individuals in developing and underdeveloped countries.
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This repository contains the code for the Project Basics which is a concerned effort to improve the standard of living in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Project Basics is divided into two different parts- 1.) Project Bat-eye - For people with blindness ,or low vision so that they don't get themselves into any kind of life - threatening situation. ( It provides the person with basic spatial awareness ). For 5 USD , it's aimed at everyone, irrespective of their income group.

2.) Project Awaaz - For people with speech difficulties, an approach that was as minimalistic as I could possibly create . This repository contains the code to be run on the microcontroller as well as the android phone.

Please refer to the research papers on for detailed information of testing , as well as scientific instructions.

The software and hardware is open source for experimentation / development and academic purposes only. This is supposed to be a not-for profit project ( commercialization is forbidden without the express written permission of Debargha Ganguly ).

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