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Debian packages, maintains and distributes many projects developed using GitHub. This account was created to facilitate push/pull interactions with the upstream developers of such projects. If you maintain a package whose upstream developers use GitHub, please feel free to join this group and mirror such project here.

This account is not intended to serve as the canonical (specified with Vcs-* fields of debian/control) location for corresponding Debian source packages. Most often such repositories should be made available on the Debian project's public forge Alioth to guarantee autonomy.


You might find following tools available from Debian useful for your interaction with GitHub

github-backup backs up everything GitHub knows about a repository, to the repository


Many thanks to the GitHub admins for their prompt action to release the previous (unused) "Debian" account.


This GitHub organization is not an endorsement of GitHub by Debian. Debian does not maintain or distribute the GitHub engine codebase because it is not available under free and open-source license (see Wikipedia for a list of available free and open-source alternatives). Moreover, this GitHub organization is not an official part of the Debian project. It is maintained by individual Debian developers (signed below) with the sole purpose of being useful.

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