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stapelberg committed 199682b Jun 1, 2020
Merge pull request #104 from kevinoid/opensearch-autodiscovery
Add <link> for OpenSearch autodiscovery


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cmd/ dcs-unpack - tool to unpack a debian source mirror dcs-index - tool to create an index from a debian source mirror compute-ranking - computes the ranking of each package/file dcs-web - the code search web application itself index-backend - simple server which provides (a shard) of the index to dcs-web source-backend - simple server which provides the debian source to dcs-web

debian/ The Debian packaging, which currently is very hacky due to Go packaging being hard in Debian currently. Patches welcome.

index/ Copied from Parts were re-written in hand-optimized C code (posting list decoding).

regexp/ Copied from Returns results in a data structure instead of printing them to stdout.

static/ Static assets + HTML files (FAQ etc.)

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