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DebianDog-Jessie version 2016-10-16 is upgrade from openbox_xfce version, see here at 2. (2015-09-02)

It's a complete rebuild from scratch using a minimal (netinstall) Debian Jessie as starting point.

Bugs fixed from 2015-09-02 updates and fixes information
Other changes:

  • Only 2 boot methods now: 'Porteus style boot' and 'Live Boot 3' (standard Debian Live)
  • Extended by adding more software/applications, e.g. python (required by e.g. youtube-get2, youtube-dl), ffmpeg (required by weX (screencast app by William (mcewanw), ffconvert, pavrecord and more).
  • The main filesystem.squashfs is compressed GZIP (increases the size with more than 50MB compared to XZ compression)
    (the system boots and runs faster with GZIP compression)
  • Suspend should work now.
  • Added 'Quick-Remaster', new remaster script, concept by rufwoof (very fast!)
    (Note: works only when booted with 'Porteus style boot'). A brief description here
  • Added 'DebianDog' category to menu, containing most of the specific DebianDog system programs.
  • Option to switch to (simple) JWM (Menu > System > Start Jwm)
  • Full LZ4 boot and compression support (modified initrd to use LZ4 and squashfs-tools version 4.3-3 from Sid installed)

Thanks very much to forum members at murga-linux.com: saintless, mcewanw, sunburnt, rufwoof, backi, dancytron and others.

Forum thread: DebianDog - Jessie - Continued
New DebianDog-Jessie-2016-10-16 updates and fixes information.

New custom package repository is on Github here

Note: Above repository is not compatible with older DebianDog-Jessie ISO versions.
Also: this new release is not compatible with the custom DD repositories used in previous versions

Examples for frugal install using 'Porteus style boot' (recommended) with grub(4dos)
Changes will be saved on exit (prompt to save or not) or when running 'save2flash'
Create empty folder e.g. debdog2 on the root of a partition, and copy inside the 'live' folder from extracted iso:
Save to folder (works only on linux filesystem, e.g. ext4):

 title DebianDog jessie new -  changes on exit /debdog2/live sysvinit
 find --set-root /debdog2/live/vmlinuz1
 kernel /debdog2/live/vmlinuz1 from=/debdog2 noauto changes=EXIT:/debdog2/live 
 initrd /debdog2/live/initrd1.xz

Save to file, e.g. changes.dat (works also on e.g. FAT32):

 title DebianDog jessie new -  changes on exit /debdog2/live/changes.dat sysvinit
 find --set-root /debdog2/live/vmlinuz1
 kernel /debdog2/live/vmlinuz1 from=/debdog2 noauto changes=EXIT:/debdog2/live/changes.dat 
 initrd /debdog2/live/initrd1.xz

Last example requires that 'changes.dat' has been created already (Menu > CreateSavefile)

Or use DebianDog-installer click here to download and extract the archive - working from most linux systems to make frugal install to HDD or USB.

More info about boot methods options (except for live-boot-2 (since it's not supported in this release))
Utilities thread
HowTo thread.

See also here for more general info about DebianDog Jessie

Both systemd and sysvinit included with choice to boot the one you prefer. Adding init=/bin/systemd will boot with systemd. Removing init=/bin/systemd will boot with sysvinit.

DebianDog is set to autologin as root. If you like to use it as multiuser system it is recommended to start Slim login manager.
Use menu System -> Start/Stop Slim display-manager.
If you like to change the default autologin as root to autologin as user read here how to do it.

Login details:
root with password root
puppy with password puppy

One version (openbox_xfce-jwm) available for download:

From fredx181:
Iso: DebianDog-Jessie-openbox_xfce-jwm-2016-10-16.iso - 255 Mb - kernel-3.16.0-4-686-pae.
Md5sum: DebianDog-Jessie-openbox_xfce-jwm-2016-10-16.md5

Default WM - OpenBox with XFCE. (with option to switch to JWM (Menu > System > Start Jwm)
Default File Manager - Thunar with option to use Rox.
Default Internet Browser - Firefox-ESR.

Although some firmware is included, you might need more specific for your hardware e.g. wireless, download this
61-firmware-jessie-2016-10-16.squashfs module.
Load with Sfs-Load or (better) place in the 'live' folder (in case frugal install) and reboot.