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This repository is an experimental implementation of the DecML language, the theoretical bases of which are laid out in

The key idea behind this work is to achieve a decoupling between a supervised learning model and its parameters, through the programming language itself.

This explores the potential of removing the burden of managing parameters manually from the programmer, reducing the chances of incorrectly implementing models (and getting wrong results).

DecML PPX Extension

This DecML implementation works by translating OCaml programs that contain extension nodes to vanilla OCaml programs.

At compile time, the extension will examine the syntactic contents of a model, and separate it from its parameters - yielding a pair (f, p).

Applying f to p yields the model defined originally, with the current values of the parameters slotted in.

The extension can translate a variety of syntactic constructs, including function definitions and applications, lists (and other algebraic data types), tuples, let bindings etc. Have a look at some of the examples.


This version only works for OCaml version 4.05 - as syntax trees are slightly different between versions.

Library has no external dependencies. There are a few dependencies used for the tests and example code:

Building and installing

The package will shortly be available on the opam repository. To pin the package locally and install it from this source:

opam pin add decml .

Build process is managed using oasis. To build and install:

ocaml -configure --enable-tests
ocaml -build
ocaml -install

Running tests:

ocaml -test

Building including examples:

ocaml -build -tag examples


Once library is installed, you can use it in your own programs. Example:

ocamlfind ocamlc -package decml.ppx -package decml -linkpkg


The examples/ directory contains several examples of using the language in practice:

  • Simple and multivariate linear regression
  • Fitting a confidence interval
  • Mixture of regression models, fitted with expectation-maximization (EM)
  • Feedforward neural network

Checking transformed model

You may want to check the transformation of a model. For this, you can use the rewriter from the ppx_tools package, e.g.:

ocamlfind ppx_tools/rewriter ./decml_ppx_extension.native -o