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Hack Week, summer 2017


As much as we love decentralization, we do appreciate the need to sync up and spend some quality time together.

We're going to spend a week together hacking on projects, learning, creating interesting prototypes, demos, concepts, etc. Let's hang out, get inspired and share some knowledge :)




  • Check in: Sun 9/July/2017 (check-in late afternoon)
  • Check out: Sun 16/July/2017 (check-out in morning)


  • Confirmed: Viktor (+ Gerda), Peter, Petro, Tamas, Dani, Aniko, Sean, Greg
  • Interested, pending confirmation: Charlie

See here for short bios / introductions



Work on some ideas - to be proposed and selected by participants, see project ideas below. The scope should be small enough to make meaningful progress within a week (i.e. a prototype, demo, proof of concept, at least some slides). The objective is to present these results at the end of the Hack Week for each project.

Not only coding: Brainstorm, research, share, concepts etc.

Not only one idea: we can potentially discover and work on more ideas

Sessions, workshops

Share your knowledge! Propose topics you could talk about / teach / workshop / discuss in ~15-60 minutes. It could be about the philosophy of decentralization, a cool way of tying your shoelaces or the depths of cryptographic functions, etc. You don't even have to be an expert, just share something cool you've recently learned.

And have fun, peace&love&hapiness&sunshine


  • Accommodation: A total of 485000 HUF for the entire week (for up to 10 people)
  • Food/drinks: TBD, we'll put together some basic shared supplies
  • Travel: you cover this yourself

Default is to split shared costs evenly, but we're happy to consider sponsorship. Let us know!

Project proposals

Editable spreadsheet - please add your ideas below as one-liners, with your name.

We are going to schedule a couple of calls in advance where you can present the ideas briefly (one minute each), so you can inspire others to collaborate on them.

Session / workshop / discussion proposals

What could you give a short talk about?

  • General: discuss hopes and dreams for DECENT
  • Viktor: intro to basic cryptocurrency concepts (blockchain, proof-of-work, Merkle trees)
  • Viktor: Intro to programming Ethereum contracts with Solidity
  • Viktor: Antifragility in practice
  • Viktor: using a Trezor hardware wallet
  • @droka: What is Liquid Democracy and how to introduce it in practice
  • @droka: Fermat/ Internet of people, Goals and Architecture
  • Peter: Introduction to the Lightning Network
  • Peter: The Great Bitcoin scaling debate – cutting through the BS
  • Peter: The global war on cash
  • Shill sessions – introduce your favorite altcoin
    • Decred
  • @zelig: cicada
  • @zelig: ethereum bármi a kezdetektől, személyes történeti, a magyar szál, mérföldkővek, a presale, a dao hack, foundation és belső ügyek, crypto anarchia, decentralizáció
  • @zelig: ethereum tech, kliensek, a golang kód kívül belül, solidity, ewasm a swarm project, web 1,2,3, az új decentralizált internet, alap infrastrukturális szolgálatások decentralizálása, the next big thing: p2p tech és blockchain, dapp utópia
  • @zelig: peer to peer fizető rendszerek , skálázhato biztonságos és anonim? swap, swear and swindle games, decentralised micro service economies
  • @zelig: jaak, decentralizált okos tartalom platform
  • @gregzl: blockchain, uses, competition, market organization. (topic more focused and eventually split later on)
  • Viktor: discuss distributed org structures. What's the ultimate "cockroach" corporation?


Would you like to attend a knowledge sharing session or a workshop about a particular topic? Add them here.

  • Universal Basic Income & blockchain
  • Cicada
  • Aniko: experiences with holacracy