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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "./libraries/SafeMath.sol";
import './Factory.sol';
import "./CloneFactory.sol";
*This contract deploys a factory contract and uses CloneFactory to clone the factory
contract MasterDeployer is CloneFactory{
using SafeMath for uint256;
address[] factory_contracts;
address private factory;
mapping(address => uint) public factory_index;
event NewFactory(address _factory);
*@dev Initiates the factory_contract array with address(0)
constructor() public {
*@dev Set factory address to clone
*@param _factory address to clone
function setFactory(address _factory) public onlyOwner(){
factory = _factory;
*@dev creates a new factory by cloning the factory specified in setFactory.
*@return _new_fac which is the new factory address
function deployFactory(uint _memberTypes) public onlyOwner() returns(address){
address _new_fac = createClone(factory);
factory_index[_new_fac] = factory_contracts.length;
emit NewFactory(_new_fac);
return _new_fac;
*@dev Removes the factory specified
*@param _factory address to remove
function removeFactory(address _factory) public onlyOwner(){
require(_factory != address(0) && factory_index[_factory] != 0);
uint256 fIndex = factory_index[_factory];
uint256 lastFactoryIndex = factory_contracts.length.sub(1);
address lastFactory = factory_contracts[lastFactoryIndex];
factory_contracts[fIndex] = lastFactory;
factory_index[lastFactory] = fIndex;
factory_index[_factory] = 0;
*@dev Counts the number of factories
*@returns the number of active factories
function getFactoryCount() public constant returns(uint){
return factory_contracts.length - 1;
*@dev Returns the factory address for the specified index
*@param _index for factory to look up in the factory_contracts array
*@return factory address for the index specified
function getFactorybyIndex(uint _index) public constant returns(address){
return factory_contracts[_index];