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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
*The Oracle contract provides the reference prices for the contracts. Currently the Oracle is
*updated by an off chain calculation by DDA. Methodology can be found at
contract Test_Oracle {
//Owner of the oracle
address private owner;
string public API;
//Mapping of documents stored in the oracle
mapping(uint => uint) internal oracle_values;
mapping(uint => bool) public queried;
event DocumentStored(uint _key, uint _value);
modifier onlyOwner {
require(msg.sender == owner);
*@dev Constructor - Sets owner
constructor(string _api) public {
owner = msg.sender;
API = _api;
*@dev Allows the owner of the Oracle to store a document in the oracle_values mapping. Documents
*represent underlying values at a specified date (key).
function StoreDocument(uint _key, uint _value) public onlyOwner() {
if(_value == 0){
_value = 1;
oracle_values[_key] = _value;
emit DocumentStored(_key, _value);
queried[_key] = true;
function pushData() public pure {
//here for testing purposes
*@dev Determine if the Oracle was queried
*@param _date a specified date
*@return whether or not the Oracle was queried on the specified date
function getQuery(uint _date) public view returns(bool){
return queried[_date];
*@dev Allows for the viewing of Oracle data
*@param _date specified date being queried from the Oracle data
*@return oracle_values for the date
function retrieveData(uint _date) public constant returns (uint) {
return oracle_values[_date];
*@dev Set the new owner of the contract or test oracle?
*@param _new_owner for the oracle?
function setOwner(address _new_owner) public onlyOwner() {
owner = _new_owner;