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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "../interfaces/Oracle_Interface.sol";
import "../interfaces/DRCT_Token_Interface.sol";
import "../interfaces/Factory_Interface.sol";
import "../interfaces/ERC20_Interface.sol";
import "./SafeMath.sol";
*The TokenLibrary contains the reference code used to create the specific DRCT base contract
*that holds the funds of the contract and redistributes them based upon the change in the
*underlying values
library TokenLibrary{
using SafeMath for uint256;
enum SwapState {
struct SwapStorage{
//The Oracle address (check for list at
address oracle_address;
//Address of the Factory that created this contract
address factory_address;
Factory_Interface factory;
address creator;
//Addresses of ERC20 token
address token_address;
ERC20_Interface token;
//Enum state of the swap
SwapState current_state;
//Start date, end_date, multiplier duration,start_value,end_value,fee
uint[8] contract_details;
// pay_to_x refers to the amount of the base token (a or b) to pay to the long or short side based upon the share_long and share_short
uint pay_to_long;
uint pay_to_short;
//Address of created long and short DRCT tokens
address long_token_address;
address short_token_address;
//Number of DRCT Tokens distributed to both parties
uint num_DRCT_tokens;
//The notional that the payment is calculated on from the change in the reference rate
uint token_amount;
address userContract;
event SwapCreation(address _token_address, uint _start_date, uint _end_date, uint _token_amount);
//Emitted when the swap has been paid out
event PaidOut(uint pay_to_long, uint pay_to_short);
*@dev Acts the constructor function in the cloned swap
*@param _factory_address
*@param _creator address of swap creator
*@param _userContract address
*@param _start_date swap start date
function startSwap (SwapStorage storage self, address _factory_address, address _creator, address _userContract, uint _start_date) internal {
require(self.creator == address(0));
self.creator = _creator;
self.factory_address = _factory_address;
self.userContract = _userContract;
self.contract_details[0] = _start_date;
self.current_state = SwapState.created;
self.contract_details[7] = 0;
*@dev A getter function for retriving standardized variables from the factory contract
*[userContract, Long Token addresss, short token address, oracle address, base token address], number DRCT tokens, , multiplier, duration, Start date, end_date
function showPrivateVars(SwapStorage storage self) internal view returns (address[5],uint, uint, uint, uint, uint){
return ([self.userContract, self.long_token_address,self.short_token_address, self.oracle_address, self.token_address], self.num_DRCT_tokens, self.contract_details[2], self.contract_details[3], self.contract_details[0], self.contract_details[1]);
*@dev Allows the sender to create the terms for the swap
*@param _amount Amount of Token that should be deposited for the notional
*@param _senderAdd States the owner of this side of the contract (does not have to be msg.sender)
function createSwap(SwapStorage storage self,uint _amount, address _senderAdd) internal{
require(self.current_state == SwapState.created && msg.sender == self.creator && _amount > 0 || (msg.sender == self.userContract && _senderAdd == self.creator) && _amount > 0);
self.factory = Factory_Interface(self.factory_address);
self.contract_details[1] = self.contract_details[0].add(self.contract_details[3].mul(86400));
assert(self.contract_details[1]-self.contract_details[0] < 28*86400);
self.token_amount = _amount;
self.token = ERC20_Interface(self.token_address);
assert(self.token.balanceOf(address(this)) == SafeMath.mul(_amount,2));
uint tokenratio = 1;
(self.long_token_address,self.short_token_address,tokenratio) = self.factory.createToken(self.token_amount,self.creator,self.contract_details[0]);
self.num_DRCT_tokens = self.token_amount.div(tokenratio);
emit SwapCreation(self.token_address,self.contract_details[0],self.contract_details[1],self.token_amount);
self.current_state = SwapState.started;
*@dev Getter function for contract details saved in the SwapStorage struct
*Gets the oracle address, duration, multiplier, base token address, and fee
*and from the Factory.getVariables function.
function getVariables(SwapStorage storage self) internal{
(self.oracle_address,self.contract_details[3],self.contract_details[2],self.token_address,self.contract_details[6]) = self.factory.getVariables();
*@dev check if the oracle has been queried within the last day
*@return true if it was queried and the start and end values are not zero
*and false if they are.
function oracleQuery(SwapStorage storage self) internal returns(bool){
Oracle_Interface oracle = Oracle_Interface(self.oracle_address);
uint _today = now - (now % 86400);
uint i = 0;
if(_today >= self.contract_details[0]){
while(i <= (_today- self.contract_details[0])/86400 && self.contract_details[4] == 0){
self.contract_details[4] = oracle.retrieveData(self.contract_details[0]+i*86400);
i = 0;
if(_today >= self.contract_details[1]){
while(i <= (_today- self.contract_details[1])/86400 && self.contract_details[5] == 0){
self.contract_details[5] = oracle.retrieveData(self.contract_details[1]+i*86400);
if(self.contract_details[4] != 0 && self.contract_details[5] != 0){
return true;
return false;
*@dev This function calculates the payout of the swap. It can be called after the Swap has been tokenized.
*The value of the underlying cannot reach zero, but rather can only get within 0.001 * the precision
*of the Oracle.
function Calculate(SwapStorage storage self) internal{
uint ratio;
self.token_amount = self.token_amount.mul(10000-self.contract_details[6]).div(10000);
if (self.contract_details[4] > 0 && self.contract_details[5] > 0)
ratio = (self.contract_details[5]).mul(100000).div(self.contract_details[4]);
if (ratio > 100000){
ratio = (self.contract_details[2].mul(ratio - 100000)).add(100000);
else if (ratio < 100000){
ratio = SafeMath.min(100000,(self.contract_details[2].mul(100000-ratio)));
ratio = 100000 - ratio;
else if (self.contract_details[5] > 0)
ratio = 10e10;
else if (self.contract_details[4] > 0)
ratio = 0;
ratio = 100000;
ratio = SafeMath.min(200000,ratio);
self.pay_to_long = (ratio.mul(self.token_amount)).div(self.num_DRCT_tokens).div(100000);
self.pay_to_short = (SafeMath.sub(200000,ratio).mul(self.token_amount)).div(self.num_DRCT_tokens).div(100000);
*@dev This function can be called after the swap is tokenized or after the Calculate function is called.
*If the Calculate function has not yet been called, this function will call it.
*The function then pays every token holder of both the long and short DRCT tokens
*@param _numtopay number of contracts to try and pay (run it again if its not enough)
*@return true if the oracle was called and all contracts are paid or false ?
function forcePay(SwapStorage storage self,uint _numtopay) internal returns (bool) {
//Calls the Calculate function first to calculate short and long shares
require(self.current_state == SwapState.started && now >= self.contract_details[1]);
bool ready = oracleQuery(self);
//Loop through the owners of long and short DRCT tokens and pay them
DRCT_Token_Interface drct = DRCT_Token_Interface(self.long_token_address);
uint[6] memory counts;
address token_owner;
counts[0] = drct.addressCount(address(this));
counts[1] = counts[0] <= self.contract_details[7].add(_numtopay) ? counts[0] : self.contract_details[7].add(_numtopay).add(1);
//Indexing begins at 1 for DRCT_Token balances
if(self.contract_details[7] < counts[1]){
for(uint i = counts[1]-1; i > self.contract_details[7] ; i--) {
(counts[4], token_owner) = drct.getBalanceAndHolderByIndex(i, address(this));
paySwap(self,token_owner,counts[4], true);
drct = DRCT_Token_Interface(self.short_token_address);
counts[2] = drct.addressCount(address(this));
counts[3] = counts[2] <= self.contract_details[7].add(_numtopay) ? counts[2] : self.contract_details[7].add(_numtopay).add(1);
if(self.contract_details[7] < counts[3]){
for(uint j = counts[3]-1; j > self.contract_details[7] ; j--) {
(counts[5], token_owner) = drct.getBalanceAndHolderByIndex(j, address(this));
paySwap(self,token_owner,counts[5], false);
if (counts[0] == counts[1] && counts[2] == counts[3]){
self.token.transfer(self.factory_address, self.token.balanceOf(address(this)));
emit PaidOut(self.pay_to_long,self.pay_to_short);
self.current_state = SwapState.ended;
self.contract_details[7] = self.contract_details[7].add(_numtopay);
return ready;
*This function pays the receiver an amount determined by the Calculate function
*@param _receiver is the recipient of the payout
*@param _amount is the amount of token the recipient holds
*@param _is_long is true if the reciever holds a long token
function paySwap(SwapStorage storage self,address _receiver, uint _amount, bool _is_long) internal {
if (_is_long) {
if (self.pay_to_long > 0){
self.token.transfer(_receiver, _amount.mul(self.pay_to_long));
} else {
if (self.pay_to_short > 0){
self.token.transfer(_receiver, _amount.mul(self.pay_to_short));
*@dev Getter function for swap state
*@return current state of swap
function showCurrentState(SwapStorage storage self) internal view returns(uint) {
return uint(self.current_state);